Ideas are bulletproof

03 Aug

Entry 2, Day 2

“Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea… and ideas are bulletproof.”



From the environment setup point of view, I’ve just done the following things:

  • Downloaded Eclipse Luna (cutting edge, you know…)
  • Downloaded JDK 8, try to run Eclipse…
  • …since it did not work, update Path variable
  • …since it still did not work add -vm to eclipse.ini
  • …since well… throw out JDK and get new one, now 64 bits to match Eclipse (every single time…)
  • Aaand it worked


I’ve managed to do some workspace setup, get back to classic UI, and write my first program in Java 8 utilizing Lambdas. Lets call it a day in this scope.

From the Idea point of view…

Ok, lets start from the beginning. At the beginning there was a Client who had some money, wanted some software written for him to do some stuff that will bring more money. Since I’m now my own client, I don’t want any money (at least not with this project), lets skip to the point to what I’m trying to achieve here. To the Idea.

BookSentry is going to have the following base features:

  • User can register
  • User can view, add, remove? and modify? books
  • User can view their own private list of books they have finished (or claim to have finished), view and modify this list

That is the initial idea. Some further features might be:

  • Registration process involves an email
  • User can search books using filters and paging
  • User can get more details about the book via some integration with Amazon
  • User can see some statistics, monthly/yearly reads, favourite genres etc
  • User can add other Users to his friends group.
  • User has a public profile
  • User can somewhat communicate with each other, send messages, leave comments
  • User can somewhat compare themselves with others
  • There are some kind of notifications about ongoing events
  • User can rate books
  • User can change password, remove account
  • Application doesn’t look like 1998 crap (ekhm… I was going to say “Application is aesthetically pleasant”)
  • Application is responsive and gentle with bandwidth (ajax)
  • Admin can manage Users
  • Logging
  • more…

Let’s stop here. In the next episode, we are going to talk about the roles in the project even though there is only one person to assume them.

And maybe more.

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