My public talks

  • Sweet Sixteen – A handful of object-oriented programming principles

16 arbitrarily chosen principles of object oriented programming and not only. How to create code that’s elegant, solid, efficient, consistent and loose at the same time. About no need of repeating oneself, being too smart, some things being unnecessary, being boring, befriending changes and characteristics of a good scout. Packed with examples from experience.

  • The Art of Web API Design – How to keep sanity while creating noisy applications

Web applications doesn’t talk with front-end and database only anymore. They increasingly often talk with each other. In order not to get crazy in this communication mess, it’s good to take a look at many aspects of creating web API. Let’s talk about Morville, Fielding, Richardson, resources, behavior, relations, parameters, headers, versioning, errors, security, performance health and business. A bunch of tips on how to make consumers of our API happy. Warning: may contain traces of snakes and camels.

Performances so far




  • 23.11.2017 – The Art of Web API Design – Software Talks Wrocław




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