02 Aug

Entry 1, Day 1

Soooo… I have a blog!

As you may read in the Blog section, I’m going to write an application. Or, should I say, THE application. And tell you about the process on this very pages.

The reason for that is, I’ve got this senior promotion recently and it struck me: what the hell does being senior actually mean? Am I now good at coding or what? I’m roughly in one eighth (5 of 40 years, I suppose) of my IT career, so it seems that senior is a bit semantic overkill. Western blogs say that senior should have like 10 years of experience. Okay, I can add up 5 years of Computer Science finished with Masters degree at the university, and maybe even further one and half on PhD course I’ve finally dumped, but that barely counts as experience. So called “commercial experience”. We’ve all seen bold and smart juniors just hired at software company, full of ideas, with great algorithmic background etc, sadly crushed and obliterated by 30k class legacy system. On the other hand, in western Europe, where IT is relatively young commercial field, it is common to get the title after only 2 years. Of course experience =/= skill etc, etc , but you know the drill.

Now, I’ve though that I’m writing software for quite some time, but I haven’t actually created anything bigger from scratch. Alone, by myself. Of course I’ve written plenty of small pet projects doing this or that, but none of them was a true multitier, mature, enterprise application. With continuous integration, multilayer suite of automatic tests, fancy design patterns, deeply clean code, deployment process and so on. So here it’s time to do that. I’m going to convince myself, that I can sit in a commercial project and do the darn thing alone, while the PM is desperately trying to hire more devs for the team.

In order to keep my motivation, I’m going to blog, so I can feel bad if the project is slacking.

I will have this one simple rule:

If I do anything in the project, there will be an entry in the blog.

Anything, be it code, research, set-up environment (pain in the ass every single time), hellowording, write tests, anything, I will post. Same day, or, worst case, the next (that is in case I fall asleep while coding, you know…)  Of course, something like “Damn shit still does not work after another 3 hours of miserable fight, I hate Spring, I’m going to get myself wasted, bye” is still a valid entry.

Currently, I have the name for THE application (as you know, it’s the most important thing, so I can stop now and call it a day)

The name is going to be BookSentry.

And the application is going to be about persisting the fact, that an individual has finished the process of reading a book. And perhaps “few” other features a well.

As simple as that.

As as complicated as that.


If you managed to get to this point, I hope you will stay with me longer and check out what will happen next.

p.s. the word count on this post is 512 excluding this line ;)

p.s. 2. There will be a picture of Toothless at the end of each post. Unless Paramount Pictures sue me, In which case, well…




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  1. beatanow

    August 8, 2014 at 8:59 am

    Good luck on your journey, many had the idea, not many succeeded



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