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Pay your debts

Episode 41

I’ve seen recently a nice movie based on actual events – the Deepwater Horizon. Aside from being well made and entertaining, the movie had an additional value to me. It was a story of what happens to a project with insufficient tests and short sighted management putting pressure to release unfinished product with monstrous technical debt. It blows up in huge ball of fire.


Technical debt

Ward Cunningham coined the term technical debt while working on financial software. The idea is, that when developing software, you can often go in two directions. You can spend more time and implement the new functionality cleanly, soundly and with respect to existing architecture. If the functionality does not Read the rest of this entry »

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Embrace the Change

Episode 33

Everything changes and nothing stands still.


          Software changes. Technologies change. Build systems change. Deployment environments change. Requirements change. Markets change. Clients change. Some people refuse to change though. How to deal with all that fuss without losing sanity?

Wind of Change

          This week’s episode of How To Train Your Java is hosted outside of the usual place, namely on my company’s tech blog, right here. Enjoy :)

Sweet Sixteen

          By the way, if you happen to be in Wrocław, Poland in four weeks from now and you are not afraid of Polish language, you are welcome to join my talk on principles in object oriented programming. I’ve titled it Sweet Sixteen (since there will be 16 principles). Its free, includes beer and pizza, you just need to sign up on the event page, right here.

          In the next episode I will do something I haven’t done for quite some time. I will show you some actual code. Stay tuned.

embrace the change


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