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From Java Source to Bare Metal, Part Three: The Networked Mountain

Episode 51

Hello traveler. Today we are continuing our journey through abstraction layers in a web application with all its foundations. Two episodes ago we started from Java code written by hand, followed by the web framework. One episode ago we went down into web servers, traveled through Java virtual machine to finally meet the container engine. Finally? Oh no, there is still long way before us.


The cruise on the back of giant blue whale is over, and the Lonely Mountain is closer than ever. The Hobbit jumps out of the barrel and lands on solid ground somewhere in the city harbor. Meanwhile, the whale drifts away, unnoticed by busy workers. The hobbit leaves the dock and treads towards the building that dwarfs nearby ones with its size. The city hall.

On the Doorstep: The Operating system

In terms of the operating system, we are now crossing the border between the application and the kernel. We can say, that both sides were mediated by the container engine, which presents virtual kernel API to the application inside the container and maps all calls to the actual kernel API on which it resides. Java virtual machine and everything that’s sits on top of it, is now just another Read the rest of this entry »

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