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Jax London 2014, day two

Episode 19

Apparently London busted me. Or Stansted. Or the graceful 737-800 from cheap Irish airlines. Anyway, I’m supposed to stay at home for the rest of the week, so in between aspirin and vitamin C I can try to continue my story of the Jax conference. Let’s move on to day two sessions.

Developing applications with a micro-service architecture keynote by Chris Richardson.

Micro-services are definitely a hot topic nowadays. Another fancy name for keeping parts of your code separated. Chris however is not an evangelist who will come and show you the only right way. Instead the session was very balanced, giving you pros and cons of the idea.

GridGain 6.0: Open Source In-Memory Computing Platform by Nikita Ivanov.

Ram is cheap now. And turns out that it is even cheaper when you look at hardware maintenance costs over few years. And daily, operational datasets fits in today’s Ram. GridGain looks like a Read the rest of this entry »

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