Winds of change

14 Sep

Entry 14, day 44

Hello again. I’ve said some time ago, that I will perform a retrospective on my own writing. Time to do that. I had this one rule, that if I do anything in the project, I will post. But I thought this through and decided, that I want this blog to be more appealing to readers and worth going back to. So I’m going to focus more on quality of writing and less on frequency and personal logging of progress in my pet project. This of course does not mean I’m going to abandon it. You will hear about BookSentry, that’s for sure, it just not going to be the main theme.

I divided the content in roughly three areas:

Enterprise technologies. More elaboration on my technology stack, perhaps some comparisons and tutorials. Also about tools I use or going to use, so tips for Eclipse, plugins for Jenkins and all the stuff around.

Clean Code and Object Oriented Design. Underrated nowadays I think but tremendously important. Java is actually where your application takes shape. Even though there are frameworks, conventions, howtos found via google in seconds etc, the ability to create good code is absolutely crucial. On high level – general architecture, on middle level – design patterns and subsystems architecture, and on low level – how to name a damn variable.

Agile/Scrum. How to get a group of people to create an amazing software. I’m not an expert Agile coach (only a certified professional scrum master ;)), but I have experience from places with Scrum and without Scrum. And I’m happy to share it with you.

New posts will probably come once or twice a week. At least I will try post at least once per week. On occasion there will be some more philosophical posts, book reviews, news or other situational stuff.

Speaking of situational stuff, I’m excited to attend the JAX conference. in London, October 14 – 15. There will be a quite detailed coverage here, hope you are curious what’s new in Java world. I am ;)

Thanks for all the visits up to date, hope you will keep coming back ;) Also big thanks for all the feedback I’ve received. I’ve learned a lot and I’m trying to apply all advices as much as possible. As a curiosity, here is the breakdown on where are you from:


In the next episode, we will talk about Java performance. Once, we did a big refactoring with my friend and we made a quite substantial piece of software run up to 500 times faster and allocate up to 20 times less memory. If you think that computers have unlimited computational power nowadays… well they don’t. Most of the time performance is not an issue, but there are case where it is. Curious? See you next time.


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